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Educate2Eradicate was founded solely to focus on preventative measures in order to protect British citizens from Honour Abuse. Educating the next generation is the only way to break the cycle of abuse for good and ensure we are able to eradicate Forced Marriage, FGM and Honour Abuse within a generation.


We also recognise that these harmful practices are taboo and highly secretive. There are often multiple perpetrators within families, and young people are lied to and kept in the dark about the true nature of these abuses. Therefore at Educate2Eradicate, we have also developed workshops and assemblies for students in order to raise further awareness and address common misconceptions.


We attempt to bridge the gap and close the disconnect between young people and educators to ensure that every young person has the ability to choose their own path.

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Educating to Eradicate Forced Marriage, FGM and Honour Abuse.