'Arifa has visited the school on a number of occasions to deliver CPD to our staff on the subject of Honour Forced Marriage as part of our safeguarding program. She is at present delivering a 3-week workshop that all staff will be involved in. We then are planning for Arifa to come into all year groups’ assemblies and educate our pupils on the topic.


She is extremely knowledgeable and articulate in her delivery of her presentation and the sessions are engaging and informative. We are looking forward to our continual work with Educate2Eradicate and hope to embark on a similar CPD program in the summer to raise awareness of FGM. '

Emma Jameson

Safeguarding coordinator for HFM and FGM at Frederick Bremer, Head of Year 7

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'Dear Arifa, 


On the 15th of June you gave an inspiring and motivating talk at my school, St Marylebone School for Girls, about how reading Daughters of Shame moved you to campaign against Forced/Child Marriage and Honour Abuse and create your organisation Educate2Eradicate. 


My school is a diverse community but many of us, including myself, have a limited knowledge of the issues you discussed. The talk left us all feeling passionate about seeking change and also made many of us more aware of the problems you educated us about. I would like to make others in my school aware of your story so that they can feel inspired by your actions. I'm editing the winter edition of the school magazine this year and I'd love to include an article about your talk...'

Rosie, Yr 13 pupil

St Marylebone School

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It is essential that young people learn about the issues of forced marriage, 'honour'-based violence and female genital mutilation at the point in their lives when these are most likely to affect them. Schools are absolutely central in delivering important messages that let young people know that what is happening to them is wrong, and that there is help available. These are best delivered with the support of charities who exist to provide advocacy and support for people dealing with the trauma of dealing with abuse in the family, and the skills to navigate the complicated systems of protection in place. 

Deeyah Khan

Award winning Filmmaker, Founder & CEO of Fuuse Films

The Hemraj Goyal Foundation (HGF) is a registered charity passionate about building a sustainable future for the children of today. They distribute funds to organisations with a clear vision, a vision for a world where children have the right to education, are free from suffering and abuse, women’s rights are empowered, and the disabled are offered a chance to fulfil their potential. The HGF Leadership team recently put on their flagship event for the year called 'Charity begins at Home', where they supported a charity  based in India called Lily Against Human Trafficking. The aim of the evening was to bring awareness to global issues such as human trafficking, and to connect and inspire the younger generation to become more engaged in philanthropy and with some of the issues women and children still face. They also had speakers Arifa Nasim, who spoke passionately about forced marriage, and Hibo Wardere speaking about Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) from personal experience. The night was successful and ending in guests leaving promises as to things they were going to do on reflection of the night.

Simran Sehmi

Vice President, Hemraj Goyal Foundation

Thank you so much for your visit. Your assembly was inspirational and I am sure that our students will take a lot from it. Thank you also for being a part of the JCoSS Interfaith Tent.  Now in our second year, this exciting project has gone from strength to strength and can only do so thanks to the amazing contribution from fantastic facilitators like you.

We look forward to welcoming you back to JCoSS soon.

Ben Abram

Head of Department – Health and Social Care, JCoSS

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